Located on the steeps of Horsepen Mountain,

Hampden is a very remote location.  It is situated just yards from the entrance to a working coal mine.  Volunteers serving here have the opportunity to take a step into West Virginia culture.

ACCOMMODATIONS –  Groups stay in the Freedom Full Gospel Assembly House of Prayer.  Sunday school classrooms are converted into dormitories.  There are cots for approximately 30 people.  There are two bathrooms and two showers.  There is wi-fi available.  Groups have the opportunity to participate in their Tuesday evening youth program!

KITCHEN – There is a fully equipped kitchen with a stove and oven, refrigerator, microwave, silverware, plates, cups, pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

GROUNDS – There is a large blacktop available outside for recreational purposes.

SURROUNDING AREA – The closest town is Gilbert, which is an approximately 10-minute drive from the church building.  There is a community center with an indoor pool, showers, and other activities available to mission groups for minimal cost.  There is a grocery store in Gilbert and restaurants include McDonald’s, pizza shops, and other restaurants serving local fare.

shapeimage_7MEET CAB & BONITA WOLFORD – Project Managers

Cab and Bonita are natives of Gilbert and love the beautiful mountains and people there.  They are pastors of the Full Gospel Church, a very welcoming congregation.  Mission teams are a highlight for their church, and here you will also meet Chassie, Crazy Johnny Ronald, Mike, and other wonderful volunteers from the congregation.