Meet The Director

The Rev. Joan Stewart is a 2003 graduate of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA.  Joan has been involved with WV Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps since 2003, and has been the Executive Director since 2006. 

Born in WV, Joan spent most of her adult life in North Carolinashapeimage_3 (Fayetteville and Wilmington).  Note: she swore to never return to WV.  A mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico with St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington changed her life.  She became involved in mission and mission coordinating, and soon realized that her life as a banker was not what she wanted to be.  Having sung the song “Here I Am Lord” one too many times, she finally gave in and went to seminary.  Her plans to get a Masters in Christian Education evolved into adding a Masters in Divinity. Despite telling God she had no plans to preach or be the pastor of a church, Joan soon found herself called to West Virginia as a pastor. So much for telling God what you will not do! “Here I Am Lord” is a dangerous song!

Mission was her heart’s calling and she became involved with WVMAW in 2004. She became Executive Director in 2006.

Joan and her husband Tim, a Project Manager for WVMAW since 2004, live in Nettie, WV on a small farm with a cat, dogs, and chickens. Joan is also a part-time pastor of Summersville Presbyterian Church.

“Everything I have been is who I am—that is what God has used. I always say that we GET to do this! It still takes my breath to ponder the promise from Joel: God said I will repay you for the years the locust has eaten….”


 A great article about Joan was published in Presbyterians Today. Click here, and the scroll to the third story to read it.