Housing Information

What are the sleeping arrangements? Each location has beds as well as floor space for air mattresses, cots, sleeping bags, etc.  We recommend that each participant brings a sleeping bag, pillow, and, depending on group size, an air mattress or cot.  Please see individual site information for specifics.  Click here to see each site.

What are the cooking facilities? You’ll be able to use the fully equipped kitchen at all facilities. That includes dishes, pot and pans, microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, grills, refrigerators and stoves.  Please see individual site information for specifics.  Click here to see each site.

Will we be working near where we are staying? Do we need to take lunch with us when we leave in the morning or should we plan to have a lunch break back at our “home”? We try to keep the projects within one hour’s drive. You do need to take lunch with you most days.  Important – remember to take coolers and jugs for drinks and bottled water to the site.

Will there be other groups in the area with which we might do some joint planning and recreation programs while we are there? At this time, our locations are not close enough together to facilitate joint recreation.

Will we be the only group at our location during the week that we’re there? Generally speaking, yes. However, if you are bringing a small group (5 or fewer), we may ask you to share space with a larger group.  In this case, both the larger and smaller groups will be contacted to make sure that this arrangement is acceptable.

Do we need to meet someone to get a key or will we be able to get in the housing facility? There will be someone to greet you at the housing facility or you will be informed before you arrive as to how to obtain the key.  Be sure to notify the director or site supervisor of your location as to your approximate arrival day and time.

Is there a store nearby? There are grocery stores within 15 minutes of each of our facilities.

We are flying into Charleston. What is the cost and availability of transportation when we get to West Virginia? Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transportation from the airport to your housing location and job sites.  Groups flying into West Virginia typically rent vans in Charleston and then use the vans throughout their week in West Virginia.  It is often possible to find great deals on rental vans by searching online!

We have a large group and are willing to sleep on the floor.  Can we exceed the sleeping space and just spread out?  Generally speaking, we must say no.  In most cases groups, the housing location is unable to hold more than the listed limit.  Besides limited sleeping space, often the bathroom facilities, kitchen, and eating spaces are not suitable for groups that exceed the posted group limit.

Are there places to eat out close by?  Yes!  Each housing location has restaurants within reasonable driving proximity.  However, some housing locations are more rural than others and therefore restaurant choices may be farther and/or more limited.  Please see individual site information for specifics. Click here to see each site.