Message from the WVMAW Executive Director


FLEXIBILITY!!! PATIENCE!!!! PRAYER!!!! We are booking now for 2022 with hope and faith that God will provide the way. So many ask if we will have mission and all I can say is “wait n see.” Every booked team will be provisional, and final decisions will be made 14 days before scheduled arrival—although those decisions can still be changed last minute. Our final decisions will be based on the following:

What are the infection numbers in your home county?

What are the infection numbers in the WV county destination?

Have any of your team members traveled out of state in the previous 14 days? Have they been tested?

Is the host church still comfortable welcoming visitors, based on the above information or other factors?

We will ask that any team member not come if he or she has been exposed to the virus or any other contagious illness.

We will ask that you observe all state laws regarding masks and distancing, and respectfully distance at the homes where we serve, as well as the hosts. We ask that you bring cleaning supplies, and in your final cleaning please wipe down all surfaces to leave the host facility as sanitized as possible.

Oh, and did I mention PRAY?!!!! Lots and lots of prayer!!!! May God open the doors to giving a hand up to families in need, keep us safe, and bring the Kingdom through you to the mountains of West Virginia.

Joan Stewart
Executive Director
Not able to book right now but still want to support WV MAW? You can send donations to:
PO Box 18200
S Charleston, WV 25303

Since October 2001, we have brought 40-80 volunteer groups per year to work in West Virginia. Their work has consisted of home repair and reconstruction, deconstruction, playground restoration, parks cleanup, stream bank stabilization, and vacation Bible schools, among other things. Brushes

We are supported in part by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, The Synod of the Trinity and The Presbytery of West Virginia, as well as other churches and individual donations. LevelThe groups we recruit come from churches of various faith traditions, as well as from colleges and universities. Come and join the family!

Our housing locations around WV are all associated with local churches, and each has shower facilities and fully-equipped kitchens. Often, there is interaction with the local congregations, including worship, Bible Schools, conversations and cookouts.

The cost for week-long mission experiences is $300/person. For trips shorter than a week, the cost is $63.50/person per WORKING day (based on four working days). Your fees help us defray the cost of building materials. As you plan your mission, you will need to figure in the cost of food and transportation.

You also have a day off to enjoy beautiful West Virginia, where you may decide to go whitewater rafting, visit an exhibition coal mine, go to an outdoor theater, visit one of our State Parks or just hang out in the neighborhood!

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